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listing of LA sound artists

Individual Sound Artists
AMK Kraig Grady Adam Overton
Glenn Bach Joseph Hammer Brian W Redfern
Bob Bellerue The Haters Steve Roden
The Cherry Point Greg Headley Damion Romero
choncey Anna Homler David Rothbaum
Nels Cline David Kendall Devin Sarno
coded source > g.e. stinson kadet kuhne Barry Schrader
Jeremy Drake Brandon Labelle SPASTIC COLON
Weba Garretson Marc Levinthal Vulcanizadora
Tom Grimley mem1 John Wiese
  Albert Ortega / AKA Lopey Snapes  
Babyland my all time favorite
Amps for Christ very interesting...
Polar Goldie Cats they're my all time favorite, too
400 Blows sure they are rock greats, but they are sonic
Eastside Sinfonietta  commemorative to playwright Bertolt Brecht
Laurie Buenafe Check out her site! She dances butoh!

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