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list of experimental radio shows

Wed 12-2 am Psychotechnics Damion Romero KXLU 88.9 Los Angeles
Wed 12-3 am Synchronicity Long Beard KUCI 88.9 Irvine
Wed 8-9 pm Wandering Medicine Show Kraig Grady KXLU 88.9 Los Angeles
Wed 9-10 pm Trilogy Bonnie Barnett KXLU 88.9 Los Angeles
Wed 10-11 pm Glossolalia Professor Cantaloupe KXLU 88.9 Los Angeles
Wed 8-10 pm Betweenthelines James KUCI 88.9 Irvine
Sat 12-3 am Digital::Nimbus Pietrobot KUCI 88.9 Irvine


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